Shock and Awe or My Poor Uterus


It’s been a little over two weeks since my Novasure ablation and tubal ligation procedure.  I found that reading other women’s blogs, stories or comments gave me a lot of information to ponder on before and after this procedure and decided to add my own story to the interwebs, in the hopes it may be of some help to another woman in the future.  WARNING – not that I, personally, find anything particularly disturbing about the topic, but if medical pictures or discussions on bodily functions bothers you, then it’s time to go back to your regularly scheduled program and click OFF this blog.

The procedure itself was straightforward and well executed.  I was under general anesthesia and my doctor even provided me with before/after pictures of everything! Below are some snaps of my uterus before/after the ablation procedure – looking at the picture on the right I feel a bit guilty for the poor girl.

The afternoon and night of the procedure was a bit of a blur.  Still groggy from the anesthesia what I really only remember was intense cramping.  Not as bad as labor cramping but worse than a normal period.  There was a little bit of blood but more so a clear fluid that I was passing that night and into the next day.   Again, the following day the cramping was pretty intense.  I was given Percocet to take and allowed myself 4 doses which I also took in tandem with ibuprofen for relief.  It worked well and along with a heating pad I was able to remain comfortable.  I took the day off from work – but felt well enough to work remotely – so that was an unexpected plus!   After about 6 hours of working in the morning I got tired, took a two hour nap and then continued to work (from my bed) that afternoon.  I focused on resting that day and rarely left the bed except to eat or use the bathroom.

The next two days Ed and I spent in Sedona with a couple of our friends.  Being out and about was good for my spirits, although I was physically uncomfortable because somehow I gained 11 lbs overnight!   My legs and belly were swollen quite unpleasantly still and I was extremely constipated from the Percocet.   The cramping continued, overall it was mild, and the watery discharge extremely light (requiring only a panty liner).   I focused on drinking a lot of water and resting/putting my legs up when I could. The swelling and edema resolved itself over the next 5 days.

We went on a night hike last weekend which was my first intense physical activity since the operation.  I was fine until we got to the summit when, quite unexpectedly,  I started to have painful cramps.   Once the hike was over and we sat in the car all the cramping went away and I was fine afterwards.

Just before the sun went down – Night Hike!

This week my runs have been low-key because I do not want a repeat event of the hike. Initial recovery can take from 2 to 8 weeks – each woman’s experience is different.  So far every day has been an improvement from the next for me and the past two days have been cramp and discharge free.

My next period should start on July 16th  — if I am to have one.  I am really hoping that I am one of the 50% of women that have no periods whatsoever following this procedure!   It will take 3 months (or 3 cycles) before I will have a good idea of what my monthly period will be like.

Emotionally this has been quite a liberating adventure.  I have not felt one moment of regret or sadness, which I was really worried about.  I was ready and my only stress or worry has been for my own safety (general anesthesia) and well-being (no complications) after the procedure.   It’s been a very good outcome so far and I am hopeful this positive streak will continue for me.

Looking back on my goals from NYE the only two really big accomplishments is the car and Aoife’s medical bill are both paid off.  I am working on building a rainy day fund, but now I have both mine and Aiden’s medical bill (broken arm playing basketball) to pay off  – ah well, that is life!   Half of the remaining rooms are painted, half the rock is moved, I am not yet lean (but plenty mean) and I have done nothing in regards to going back to school.  Let’s see what I can accomplish in the last six months of 2017!

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