Ragnar Del Sol 2017

Best of the 3 in terms of performance – I was very happy with my times.  Despite the literal melt down at mile 5 of my long run, my splits were solid until then. Damn it was hot. I commend all my teammates (whether they held their normal pace or not) for running in this weekend’s hellish heat. #WTFArizona

Speaking of teammates – wow! What a great bunch of supportive and fun people. I just love nice people – makes me feel all fuzzy inside!  Amazing athletes, too.

The highlight was sleeping in the high school gym at one of our van exchanges.  I paid 10 bucks for an old gym mat – it was worth every dollar – and while my sleep was funky and broken with odd dreaming and wakefulness, I was able to fully extend my limbs (shit you take for granted until you live in a van for a couple days) and stretch a lot before my last run. Thanks to Eddie for buying me the best damn blankie during one of his frequent trips to REI – so soft and warm I was snuggled up like a bug in a rug so happy.

Biggest hardship was a blister I got on my first leg. I haven’t gotten a blister while training or running in years! I think it was the heat and sweaty feet that brought it on as I never run in the heat if I can avoid it — definitely a bit inexperienced at that. At the end of my second run it was a blister within a blister and the entire ball of my foot was swollen. Yuck! 3rd leg took care of that – I’ll spare you the details.  This experience brought back some memories from my first years of running and reminded me I should always be prepared for anything.

I set a personal goal for this race which was to run the entire length of my last leg. The prior two races I’ve been so sore I could barely pick up my legs and ended up walking a lot. I focused on hydration, nutrition and a lot of stretching – it worked! My pace was very slow but overall a win for me – especially considering the hills on that route. #ComfyPace

Glorious and memorable weekend. Six more days of work and then I’m off to Florida with Eddie to celebrate our Anniversary and my birthday!


RAWR credit to ThisFitGirl Jess for the totes adorb picture of our medals!

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