Happy New Year!

2017 F*ck It List

After much thinking and discussing with Eddie over the past month and, especially during our weekend in the woods, I’ve narrowed down a few goals for 2017.  I love having goals to work on – it’s fun for me.  This year I am trying to be a bit more focused, fewer goals, more concise!

Finish the 10 Best Hikes:

  1. Piestewa Circumference – Freedom Trail #302
  2. Picketpost Mountain
  3. Tom’s Thumb
  4. Boyce Thompson Arboretum
  5. Reavis Falls

A carry over from 2016 — anything worth doing is worth finishing through to the end.

House Improvements:

  1. Paint the last 3 rooms.
  2. Move all the river rock out of the backyard.

Get Lean and Mean!:

This goal will have many awesome bits to it.

To start – for the first 21 days of this year I am going to do a Beach Body routine – 21 Day Yoga Retreat.  I want to start adding more strength and HIIT type workouts, but I feel yoga is a great way for me to keep working on strengthening my shoulder and patching up some old injuries that nag me here and there before I get all hellishly crazy buff.

Also – the first 3 weeks of the year I am going to be modifying what I shove down my gullet and reverting back to eating a “clean” diet. I need to get off the sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed food train I’ve been snagging a ride on here and there!   I’m betting this first week of 2017 I am going to be an ABSOLUTE JOY to be around, to be sure.

Lean and mean – here I come – GRRRR.

Financial Fitness:

Pay off debt is too general – really, ideally, I just want us to become more financially fit.  So I have set 3 smaller goals that feel more accomplish-able:

  1. Build a Rainy Day Fund
  2. Pay off car
  3. Pay off Aoife’s medical bill

A Fun Running Event or Goal:

Open to suggestions – I am thinking something like train for a multi-event weekend (not a Ragnar) or set a goal using something like Charity Miles with Murphy for the year.   For January, I signed up for a Ragnar 30 Day Event on Facebook – log a workout every day for 30 days.  Murphy will be so excited to hear all about it when I get home!

Murphy’s Run Face

Further Schooling:

I either want to go back to finish my degree or take the credits I’ve done so far and at least acquire a Certificate in Organizational Leadership.  First things first, in January I will make an appointment with a counselor at MCC to discuss my options.

So there you have it – 2017 F*ck It List!

Happy New Year My Friends!

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