Month: March 2016

Keep On Keeping On

It’s been about 15 weeks since I lost Aoife.  Friends and family ask me how I’m doing, and honestly I can say I am doing really well on the whole.

The hospital called me – one of the nurses – to chat about how I’m feeling.  I was invited to a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Memorial event on October 15th this year – I think I should go to that.  It will be hard, but I know I will feel better after.

I feel like the progress with my arm is a physical representation of my emotional healing.  The physical pain always reminds me of the pregnancy – it is so much less than what I experienced during the pregnancy, but on days that I work it with stretching and strengthening, the pain resumes a little.  The restriction in movement reminds me of the helplessness I felt during those last few weeks.  And the gains I make in pain relief and movement through exercise and therapy remind me of the healing I’ve done and that I still have some ways to go.

Keep on keeping on.