February F*ck It List Update

It’s almost the end of February – one more day and it will be March!  How about a quick check-in on my F*ck It List progress?

Feel better: Body, Heart and Soul.  I would like to say that my heart and soul are 100% A-Ok, but that would be a lie.  I think the best part is I can say that I just have down *moments* – not days.  As far as my body goes – it’s getting better, little by little, but it’s just taking SO LONG and I’m frustrated!  I am trying to practice patience with myself and sometimes I just, fail and get pissy about the whole process.  It took 5 months for me to be seen about my shoulder and I didn’t run for about that long as well.  I’m not going to get better and feel or look like my old self in 8 weeks, but it sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Continue paying off debt.  We are rocking this right now!

Aiden’s room – we have been in this house for a year – complete his room.   We did get rid of some clothes and stuff during a recent weekend purge, but no new bed set or decorating done.

Get rid of all the extra shit I have in my house. There is a lot – most of it is in the back room.  This is done!!!!  But, I plan on going through the house a second time – maybe a third.  I want to move as little crap as possible come spring 2017.  I am going through the kitchen again and tossing more stuff in the charity bin – I’ll start there, then the closets again.  By the time I’m done people will think we’re minimalists!

Complete the back room – do something with it instead of collecting shit.  This is done!!!!  The room is all clean and ready for Lyzi to move in.  In fact, this means we’re officially moved into the house (I finished this today, actually).

Run one race a month in memory of Sweet Pea and Aoife Roux.  I ran my second race last Sunday – Nick’s Run as Kiwanis Park in Tempe.  Great course, good cause, fabulous race support.  I did OK.  My best time for a 10K is 58 minutes.   I came in at 1:07 … honestly I was hoping I would be faster, but I don’t think baking for 10 hours the day before and staying up until 10 pm sharing a bottle of wine with your baking buddy is the best pre-race plan.  Heh Heh, I’ll be better to myself next time.

Plan a destination race – possibly a Wine Theme – California or Washington?  Nope – haven’t tackled this yet.

Plan two, week-long vacations.  Utah in April is coming up quick!  We’re considering a trip to San Diego in the fall – but we haven’t committed to anything yet.

PHX Summit Challenge – November PHX5.  No date for 2016 have been posted yet – I check often!

Plan an EPIC hike – Phantom Ranch? Peralta to First Water?  So, plans are in the works to hike Peralta to First Water on December 7th (the day I lost Aoife).  So far my daughter’s boyfriend, Steve, has graciously agreed to be my guide and Lyzi *might* go.

Be ready to house hunt Jan 2017, move in spring (with as little shit) to pack as possible.  This is where my second and third purges of “stuff” should be tracked, I think.  Moving next year is my top life goal right now.

Hike all 10 hikes on the Best Winter Hikes in Phoenix list.   This might have to be concluded next winter – it’s getting hot early!  We shall see.

Learn to make homemade beer.  So our first attempt was quite hilarious – just imagine beer all over Ed, the fridge and the ceiling.  Suffice to say – the beer was yummy once it de-frothed – we think there was too much sugar in the second round of fermentation or maybe it was fermented too long for Arizona heat.  I know I had the same problem with Kombucha when I first learned to brew that.  What takes 4 weeks in Washington took 5 days here.  Fun times regardless – not sure what mix we’ll try next.  Updates to come.

Practice Gratitude during the hard times.  I’m trying to practice this every day.  I don’t know why but sometimes I’m just fucking grumpy – I don’t remember that being one of the phases of grief.  Maybe that’s just life and you just get really good at de-grumping yourself.

That’s it for an update, kids.  I had the most amazingly productive and even fun Sunday and plan to lay around with my feet up until bed time.  Looking forward to a great March – my birthday and our 1st anniversary are next month!!!!

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